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Social Engineering

    Social Engineering is a tricky attempt used by cybercriminals to obtain your personal information such as your login credentials or your bank information, or get access to install malicious software. Get one-month complete security against malware and social engineering attempts with Cloud 7 Antivirus.

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About Social Engineering

Humans are the weakest link in any security chain. Social engineering technique is a devious attempt to exploit this weak link by luring people. Most people get trapped due to their inquisitive nature, greed, altruism, vanity, or possibly due to respect for or fear of legitimate organization that politely requests to reveal sensitive information or grant access to the system.

Where does Social Engineering come from ?

Cybercrooks employ several social engineering techniques including phishing (a fake email that entices you to reveal your personal details), baiting (offering something in such a manner that it tempts you to download a malicious file), pretexting (this comes in disguise to gain access to sensitive and core data), or scareware (these are malicious software that tricks you by offering a solution to your malware infected device and once installed infects the device again).

How to identify a Social Engineering ?

Be cautious of any unsolicited help or advice, especially those involving clicking on a link, as it might be a devious attempt at social engineering. Also, never respond to requests that ask you to reveal your login details or any financial data. In addition, make sure you check the email address of a suspicious email to verify whether it is a legitimate email or not.

How to remove Social Engineering attempts ?

It’s quite a difficult chore to protect your device against social engineering attempts. So, the best way to remove it from your device is to use a strong antivirus program that will scan for and remove any malicious files and install a powerful password application that will help you create an unbreakable password.

How to prevent Social Engineering attack ?
  1. Install an updated and powerful antivirus and anti-malware software.
  2. Regularly scan to detect malware on your device.
  3. Avoid opening email attachments from unknown sources.
  4. Try keeping your network safe.
Why Cloud 7 Antivirus:

There is no better way to detect, identify and get rid of malware on your device than to install a good antivirus and anti-malware tools. Install and use Cloud 7 Antivirus and anti-malware tools to prevent malware attacks today!

  1. Provides all-in-one PC security
  2. One-click installation and deep-cyber threat scanning
  3. Offers real-time active tracking and protection
  4. Auto scanning of USB drives
  5. Automatic and regular updates
  6. Secure file eraser and History cleaner
  7. Includes free, expertly set up and easy installation of Cloud 7 Antivirus



Install and maintain a powerful antivirus and firewall protection to prevent a malware attack on your device.


Use strong anti-spyware software to scan for and remove any spyware on your device and protect yourself against a spyware attack.


Use complex and unbreakable passwords to prevent hackers break your password and exploit your personal information or bank account details.


Regularly check the security settings of the browser on your device to protect yourself against browser hijacks or adware.

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