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    A sniffer is a malicious software used to steal sensitive data being transmitted on a network or invade the traffic flowing to/from your device. Get 30-days free trial version of Cloud 7 Antivirus that protects you against sniffers, ransomware, spyware and other malware attacks.

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About Sniffer:

Unlike other malware, sniffers are not necessarily malicious. A sniffer is a monitoring and traffic analyzing software tool that monitors the data and traffic flowing over a network. This tool particularly helps the network manager to check and keep network traffic flowing efficiently. However, sniffers can also be used with a malicious intent. Sniffers keep track of all the encrypted information such as username and password or anything that goes through it. Hackers can easily access all the accounts that go through a sniffer, once they get access to it. In addition, a sniffer can be easily installed on any device connected to a Local Area Network (LAN) and so it can go unidentified for a short span of time in the connection.

Where does Sniffer come from ?

Sniffers are mostly used by hackers to collect personal data, steal confidential information or spy on the activities taking place over a network. This is usually done with an aim to access your login credentials for shopping or banking sites. Sniffers are generally placed in the public Wi-Fi network, particularly at cafes, hotels, guestrooms, airports, stations and various other places. A sniffer software tool can also be deployed to impersonate other devices on the local network so as to steal the confidential information.

How to detect a Sniffer ?

Unauthorized sniffers software can be devastating for a network security as these can be easily inserted into any network, making it difficult to detect. It becomes impossible for basic users to detect if a sniffer is spying on their network activity. However, you can take some preventive measures to detect sniffers on a network. Detection of sniffers can be done by running your own sniffer or checking the DNS traffic to find other malicious sniffers. Another simpler way to detect sniffers is to use a robust anti-sniffer software that scans for and removes any intruder on a network. You can also use a trustworthy internet security program that will hide your browsing activity from hackers.

How to remove Sniffer from your device ?

The best way to protect yourself from this spying software is to use a trustworthy antivirus software. A powerful anti-sniffer software will detect, identify and remove any malicious software associated with the unauthorized sniffer from your device. If you completely want to purge a sniffer, you'll need to remove all the files and folders associated with it. In order to remove a sniffer that has been secretly inserted into your network, you can run a network scanner available in a trusted internet security software. The network scanner scans for any issue on your network and instructs you on how to tackle with them

Ways to prevent Sniffer ?
  1. Make sure you encrypt everything that you send or receive over a network.
  2. Run a network scanner to scan for any issues on your network.
  3. Always use a trustworthy and protected Wi-Fi network.
How to protect yourself against a Sniffer ?

One of the most important measures to protect yourself from unauthorized sniffers is to use a powerful antivirus and anti-sniffer software such as Cloud 7 Antivirus that offers real-time scanning of your network for any issue. In order to ensure a secured transmission of your personal or confidential data over a network, make sure you encrypt everything that you send online. Cloud 7 Antivirus allows you to transmit your sensitive data over any network in an encrypted form.

Why Cloud 7 Antivirus ?
  1. Provides all-in-one PC security
  2. One-click installation and deep-cyber threat scanning
  3. Offers real-time active tracking and protection
  4. Auto scanning of USB drives
  5. Automatic and regular updates
  6. Secure file eraser and History cleaner
  7. Includes free, expertly set up and easy installation of Cloud 7 Antivirus

Get absolute protection against sniffers, ransomware, spyware or any other malware with Cloud 7 Antivirus. Get 30-days risk-free protection for PCs, Laptops and Android smartphones today!



Install and maintain a powerful antivirus and firewall protection to prevent a malware attack on your device.


Use strong anti-spyware software to scan for and remove any spyware on your device and protect yourself against a spyware attack.


Use complex and unbreakable passwords to prevent hackers break your password and exploit your personal information or bank account details.


Regularly check the security settings of the browser on your device to protect yourself against browser hijacks or adware.

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