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    A fraudulent or deceptive activity done online is termed as an internet scam. A scam takes place using malicious software, social engineering attempts or phishing to steal away personal information. Use Cloud 7 Antivirus and anti-ransomware to protect yourself against any scam.

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About Scam:

There are several different types of scams online all with one thing in common that is to steal away your personal information by tricking you into revealing your personal data, login credentials or credit card numbers. Scam emails are the most common types of Internet scam, for instance, the famous Nigerian scam, Craig's List scams, auction-site scams, fake antivirus scams, dating site scams, approved credit card scams and make-money-fast scams.

Where does Scam come from ?

Internet scams can transform into malicious software, for example, virus or spyware that is stealthily injected into your device as a devious attempt to obtain and exploit your personal information, bank account details, etc. You can also get trapped by phishing emails or social engineering techniques.

How to identify a Scam ?

Many online scams come up with one motive that is to get access to your personal information or bank account details. Scams can come disguised as offers that promise to give you a great deal of money but before that requests for depositing some amount for so-called processing fees. On the other hand, scams depending on the installation of a malware on your device, try to trick you to download a file, for example when receiving pop-ups that notify you of installing antivirus software to get rid of viruses.

How to remove Scam from your device ?

As long as human beings exist, you are vulnerable to scams. Since scam is a fraudulent technique, it is difficult to remove it completely. The best way to protect yourself against online scams is to use a powerful antivirus that will scan your device for any scam or unsolicited programs and remove them instantly.

How to prevent a Scam attack ?
  1. The first step is to use your common sense
  2. Don't foolishly trust anyone who offers you a lot of money.
  3. Use a credit card for making payments for purchases.
  4. Never deposit money blindly with anyone in order to receive something for free.
Why Cloud 7 Antivirus ?

There is no better way to detect, identify and get rid of malware on your device than to install a good antivirus and anti-malware tools. Install and use Cloud 7 Antivirus and anti-malware tools to prevent malware attacks today!

  1. Provides all-in-one PC security
  2. One-click installation and deep-cyber threat scanning
  3. Offers real-time active tracking and protection
  4. Auto scanning of USB drives
  5. Automatic and regular updates
  6. Secure file eraser and History cleaner
  7. Includes free, expertly set up and easy installation of Cloud 7 Antivirus

Get one-month risk-free protection against scams and ransomware with Cloud 7 Antivirus and protect your PCs & Laptops and Android devices against internet scams.



Install and maintain a powerful antivirus and firewall protection to prevent a malware attack on your device.


Use strong anti-spyware software to scan for and remove any spyware on your device and protect yourself against a spyware attack.


Use complex and unbreakable passwords to prevent hackers break your password and exploit your personal information or bank account details.


Regularly check the security settings of the browser on your device to protect yourself against browser hijacks or adware.

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