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    Phishing is a devious attempt to hack your sensitive information through seemingly legitimate email attachments or text messages. Be careful and protect yourself against phishing scams by Cloud 7 Antivirus.

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About Phishing:

Phishing is a tricky approach used by cybercriminals to secretly obtain your username, password, social security, bank details (For e.g. credit card number) or any other confidential information. The cybercrooks do phishing by sending you a malicious link in fake emails or redirecting you to a fake website.

Where does Phishing come from ?

Phishing is one of the most common cyber attacks. Hackers send you phishing messages and emails which seem to be from legitimate organizations such as UPS, PayPal, or a government agency on your bank. These fake emails often suggest that there is an issue and entice you to update, validate or confirm your bank account information. After doing so, the hackers will redirect you to some fake website and trick you to enter your personal information, subsequently leading to identity theft.

How to identify a Phishing scam ?

Be cautious when you receive messages that politely request you to disclose your personal information, via emails or websites. Use anti-phishing tools that help you recognize phishing emails and websites. Protect yourself by using Cloud 7 Antivirus that offers you the best anti-phishing software.

How to remove Phishing malware from your device ?

A Phishing email and website can be detected by real-time monitoring and analyzing your website. You can even change the important files of your website regularly.

How to prevent remove Phishing scams ?
  1. The best way to avoid phishing scams is to ignore the malicious links in unsolicited emails or on Facebook.
  2. Avoid opening email attachments from unknown sources.
  3. Keep your passwords safe and do not reveal them to anyone at any cost.
  4. Do not disclose confidential information to anyone on the phone, in person or via email.
  5. Monitor a website's URL or web address. In most phishing cases, it is observed that the website’s URL may appear to be legitimate, but in reality, the URL may be misspelled or the domain may be different. For e.g it may be .com when it should be .gov.
  6. Update your browser and apply security patches regularly.
  7. Download and use anti-phishing software to detect phishing scams.
Why Cloud 7 Antivirus ?

There is no better way to detect, identify and prevent phishing scams than to install powerful anti-phishing software. Install and use Cloud 7 Antivirus and protect yourself from phishing scams.

  1. Provides all-in-one PC security
  2. One-click installation and deep-cyber threat scanning
  3. Offers real-time active tracking and protection
  4. Auto scanning of USB drives
  5. Automatic and regular updates
  6. Secure file eraser and History cleaner
  7. Includes free, expertly set up and easy installation of Cloud 7 Antivirus

Enjoy free real-time security for 30 days against ransomware, spyware and other web-based attacks, and protect your PCs, Laptops (Windows) and Android phones with Cloud 7 Antivirus.



Install and maintain a powerful antivirus and firewall protection to prevent a malware attack on your device.


Use strong anti-spyware software to scan for and remove any spyware on your device and protect yourself against a spyware attack.


Use complex and unbreakable passwords to prevent hackers break your password and exploit your personal information or bank account details.


Regularly check the security settings of the browser on your device to protect yourself against browser hijacks or adware.

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