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    A keylogger or keystroke logger is a type of spyware that is used to monitor your every keystroke so cybercrooks can access your personal information, banking and credit card numbers, username and passwords, or any other sensitive data.

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About Keylogger:

A keylogger is referred as a software program that monitors and keeps track of each key you type into a keyboard. The software maintains a log file and sends it to a specified server where hackers obtain every information you type including your username, passwords, bank account details and credit card numbers, website's URL, instant messages, e-mails and e-mail addresses.

Where does Keylogger spyware come from ?

A keylogger is real-time monitoring software that records each key that you type into the keyboard without your consent. A keylogger finds its access to your device through various ways including links in an unsolicited email attachment, free downloads on file-sharing sites, bundling with other malicious software, social engineering or phishing.

How to identify a Keylogger spyware ?

It becomes quite difficult to detect a keylogger installed on a device as they are meant to be hidden. However, there are some signs that can help you detect its presence like slower web browsing, mouse or keystrokes that do not show up what you have typed on the screen, or encountering error messages when graphics or web pages are loaded.

How to remove Keylogger from your device ?

Looking for and deleting any hidden keylogger buried in your directory manually can be time-consuming and tedious. Using an anti-keylogging software, found in a strong antivirus is the best way to scan your device for keyloggers and other malicious software and remove them at once.

How to prevent installation of Keylogger ?
  1. Do not download unsolicited files or email attachments from an unknown source.
  2. If possible, make use of a virtual keyboard.
  3. Make sure you switch to an alternative keyboard layout.
Protect your device against Keylogging spyware

The best way to protect your login details is to use a two-step verification method or use a password manager that will help you create and store strong passwords. As the password manager can input your logins automatically, the keylogger is unable to track your password. Above all, you should use high-end antivirus software like Cloud 7 Antivirus to scan for, recognize and remove any malware on your device.

Why Cloud 7 Antivirus:

There is no better way to detect, identify and get rid of computer viruses on your device than to install a good antivirus and virus removal tools. Install and use Cloud 7 Antivirus with effective virus removal tools to prevent all virus attacks today!

  1. Provides all-in-one PC security
  2. One-click installation and deep-cyber threat scanning
  3. Offers real-time active tracking and protection
  4. Auto scanning of USB drives
  5. Automatic and regular updates
  6. Secure file eraser and History cleaner
  7. Includes free, expertly set up and easy installation of Cloud 7 Antivirus

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Install and maintain a powerful antivirus and firewall protection to prevent a malware attack on your device.


Use strong anti-spyware software to scan for and remove any spyware on your device and protect yourself against a spyware attack.


Use complex and unbreakable passwords to prevent hackers break your password and exploit your personal information or bank account details.


Regularly check the security settings of the browser on your device to protect yourself against browser hijacks or adware.

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