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Are You Running Multiple Antiviruses at the Same Time on Your Computer?

running multiple antiviruses

Now a day, the internet becomes an integral part of one’s life. However, the presence of various cyber threats makes cyber world vulnerable. Hence, protecting us from these threats become our primary objectives. Now, the question arises that going for a second opinion or double protection with two different antiviruses is beneficial or detrimental. People say running multiple antiviruses at the same time is not a good idea. We will intervene that whether it is a marketing stunt or have some truths in it.

  • Complexity issues:

Developing antivirus software, that acts as a layer between the foundation of the operating system and the software that run on it, is not a matter of joke. Hence, developers often use undocumented interfaces to create an antivirus program, which makes it difficult to run with another similar program.

  • Both detect a threat: Who is first to quarantine?

Imagine a situation when you download a virus-infected file, and you are running multiple antiviruses installed. Now, both antivirus software detects the same threats and compete with each other to quarantine it. While this situation arises, the best-case scenario is where you left confused about the actual status of the infected file. On the other hand, in the worst case, both antivirus remain perplexed and fail to remove the threats.

  • Endless scan loops: Chain reactions

When we open a file in the explorer, it sends a signal, which makes an antivirus program to check it for a malicious program. If you run multiple antiviruses at a time, they start forming a scanning loop.  When one of them accesses a file, it will trigger another to scan it and vice versa.

  • Conflict with each other

Innate nature of antivirus is suspecting entire database. The action of another antivirus makes the first one doubt it and vice versa. Hence, they both start attacking each other resulting in a false virus alert. Even worse, they can delete necessary files spotted in each other’s program. These lead to serious system malfunction and data corruption.

  • Performance Problems

Antivirus program needs lots of resource such as space to function properly. Apart from using a considerable portion of the RAM it also uses other resources. Running multiple antiviruses at a time diminishes the efficiency of the system by making it running slow.


Therefore, it is clear that running multiple antiviruses at a time is nothing but wastage of valuable resource. When running multiple antiviruses, there is always a chance of software conflict, which leads to system instability and data corruption. Hence, it is wise to use one antivirus at a time.

Tips: However, opting for a second opinion from time to time do not do any harm but make sure the second antivirus such as Cloud 7 antivirus which you have installed must have advanced features that go with your older one.

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