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Can a Virus or Malware Infect My Smartphone?

Malware infect my Smartphone

Viruses and malware are associated with computers, laptops, or even notebooks. However, with the growing demand and use of smartphones; viruses and malware have started targeting individual’s smartphones to steal away their data. So, yes, you smartphones can get infected with a virus or malicious software. Can a virus or malware infect my smartphone, what should I do to protect it? Check out these useful tips to keep malware away.

How does a virus or malware infect my smartphone?

Installing bad applications

Downloading an unknown application containing virus or malware is the most common way of intrusion of viruses or malware on your smartphone. Once the application is installed, it activates the virus or malware thereby infecting the operating system of your smartphones like Android or iOS.

Opening unsolicited email attachments

Emails received from unknown sources can also find ways to infect your smartphone. Opening unsolicited email attachments can surreptitiously install viruses or malicious software on your smartphone. For instance, when you download and open PDF attachments, your smartphone is vulnerable to malware attacks.

Malicious SMS or Infected websites

Another common of infecting a smartphone is through an infected SMS. This infection may happen when an unknown sender sends you malicious links which redirect to a suspicious website containing an infected attachment that attempts remote control or makes attempts to steal your personal information.

How do I protect my smartphone against virus or malware?

The best way to secure your smartphone is to download and use a reliable and trusted security application programs. Some of the best sources of downloading verified apps are Google Play Store for Android phones, Microsoft Store for Windows phones and App Store for iPhone. The apps available in these online stores are verified an tested for viruses or malware that can cause further problems to your smartphone.

You may also download and use anti-malware or antivirus software and tools to protect your smartphones against malware attacks. For example, Cloud 7 antivirus for Android phones gives complete protection against Ransomware, Trojans, and Spyware. Other applications such as AVG antivirus for Android, Avast SecureMe for iPhones and Kaspersky Safe Browser are some of the commonly used mobile security apps which can keep malware attacks at bay.

Do iPhones also get infected?

You might have heard Apple and other sources claiming that iPhones cannot be infected by a virus or malware. The iOS operating system of iPhones has been expertly designed to restrict access to core function and potentiality to execute actions or code that would intervene with the critical functionality of the iPhone. However, in cases when jailbreaking or rooting is used to unlock your iPhone, the iOS becomes vulnerable to malicious threats.

No matter which phone you are using, it is always best to be cautious and protect your smartphones using trusted mobile security apps.

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