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How to Check Virus in Computer without Antivirus?

computer virus

A Computer virus is like the biggest enemy to your PC. No matter how much you try hard to avoid, they will find a way to track you. Hackers, who are spending countless hours on creating brainstorming ways to spoof you, will take less than 30 seconds to infect your PC.

Therefore, before a hacker chase after your PC, it is smarter to make their efforts go in pure waste!

Why the procedure has to be so hard?

Generating a cryptic situation where you see a non-responding PC due to a virus attack is a universal goal for every hacker. What encourages them more? The fact that you cannot fix your PC and their wicked intentions will keep recurring.

With the advancement of technology at such an escalating pace, it is foolish to let hackers pick on your PC. Take a forward step towards protecting your PC by checking and removing computer viruses all by yourself.

The procedure is hard for reasons:

  • For all those who are not tech-savvy can find the procedure complex.
  • Checking virus without an antivirus involves steps that you need to perform manually.
  • Unlike an automated programmed antivirus that will run on its own, here you will detect a computer virus.
  • Following the wrong steps while scanning your system will disable virus detection.
  • During the procedure, any tiny error can cause you loss of data. Retrieving that data will lead you to follow another lengthy process.

Is it possible to check computer virus without an antivirus?

Well, fortunately, yes. Detecting computer viruses without an antivirus is a possible situation. The efficiency of antivirus is much higher in comparison to manual scanning. Nonetheless, the probability of computer virus detection while scanning without an antivirus is not negligible.

An in-built PC scanner would be the first option for your requirement. In most of the cases, this may not work in your desired way. Thus, it is advisable to go through the steps below and check for viruses independently.

What do you need to do first?

  • Start your PC and click on the Start
  • Select the Control Panel and go to System and Security Expand the section and click on Action Centre. If you find difficulty in searching Action Centre option, go to the search bar at the topmost right corner and type Action Centre and press Enter.
  • Windows will start detecting present of antivirus software and thereby listing it under Virus protection.
  • Here at this stage, you can check for computer viruses that are present on your PC.

And Then,

  • It will further inform you about kinds of viruses that have affected your computer system.
  • Click on the Windows Update button to enhance your PC’s security and performance.

Is computer virus removal without an antivirus possible?

Virus removal is a definite possibility without an antivirus. In general, a user faces difficulty to comprehend what to do after the PC has found viruses. Installing an antivirus will be a favourable option. However, what can you do to terminate computer viruses at that current moment?

Installing an antivirus can consume considerable amount. Therefore, letting the computer stay defenceless until then will, in turn, invite for further virus attacks.

According to cyber experts’ suggestions while you are looking for antivirus software, simultaneously you can start the virus removal process. Guide yourself through the following steps and be a complete pro!

Basic Steps:

  • Launch Windows Task Manager by pressing CTRL, ALT and DEL
  • After the launch of the Task Manager, select the Processes
  • Minutely look for any unfamiliar file and cross verify it through Google whether it has something to do with any computer virus.
  • In case you come across any suspicious file, which can be corrupt, select the End Process button for this file.

Advanced Steps

  • Open System Configuration utility and choose the Start-up A list of programs will appear that starts automatically once your PC restarts. Thus, examine all the programs on the list, since computer viruses target this location for hosting.
  • Delete any file with a surefire red flag immediately.
  • Click Start and then press on Computer menu to go to your hard drive utility. Make sure to delete the viral files directly from your hard drive.

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