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Your Essential Guide to the Best Computer Security: What is it all about and how does it work?

Best computer security

Computer security is the protection of the computer system from various malware and virus attacks. Such cyber attacks result in damaging, disrupting and destroying computer data temporarily or permanently. Best computer security in 2018 has all the solution to every cyber problem.

Adding to this, online theft or frauds are also outcomes of cyber attacks. Cybercriminals such as hackers and scammers do such kind of cyber attacks. They are extremely knowledgeable about computer programming.

As a result, tracing the hacker or a cybercriminal becomes very difficult. They generally disguise their identities or use fake IP addresses.Neither using your computer nor working on the internet is unavoidable.  However, taking safety measure against these attacks is surely possible.

Take this easy guide to know about various kinds of threats. It will also you to cope with them effectively.

Threats to Computer Security

Before anything else, it is important to know about the threats to computer security. There are various cyber threats and it keeps adding every day. With every new technology, there is another one constantly updating.

Thus, it is very necessary to install a good anti-virus in protecting your computer. Only a helpful antivirus can be useful in safeguarding against cyber threats.

To fight cyber threats it is equally important to know about them. Remember choosing a good antivirus will help you in getting rid of computer viruses.

Best computer security in 2018 is successful in protecting your system. From malware to online theft, it has easy solutions for all.

Know about the following detailed list of cyber viruses that is avoidable only with an antivirus.

Cyber Spying

Cyber spying is one of the most trending online menaces of all times. Unprotected computer systems are the most favorable hotspots for hacking. Obtaining personal information, stealing passwords, infecting viruses are all forms of cyber spying.

It becomes even more vulnerable to online businesses.  Hackers hiding behind their computer systems constantly look for such hosts.  They can be miles away or can be your next-door neighbor.

Therefore, tracking them also becomes tricky. Using various techniques on interconnected networks or PCs, hackers are injecting malicious software.

Trojan horse

Trojan horse is a kind of mean malware that is responsible for infecting computers. It normally stays hidden or bears a secret identity to fool the user. A trojan virus seemingly appears to be harmless or will trick you into installing it.

Once you are falling into this trap, your computer will be immediately hacked.

Trojan virus performs actions such as collecting information and passing onto the third party. Due to its secretive feature, a user will be unaware of the presence of a virus.

Unfortunately, this will be creating a hole in your overall computer security. In some cases, Trojan virus results in doing more harm. Leading towards encryption, it can lock you out of the computer as well.

The trojan virus also involves creating other kinds of malicious actions. Backdoor is an action which makes security changes so that the entry of other hackers becomes easy.

Sometimes, the hacker does not want to steal or do anything wrong. Rather it just loosely claims your network to be under his/her control.

Network Eavesdropping

Network eavesdropping is an occurrence that results in illegal capturing of data. Stealing of any type of information through an un-encrypted network is easy.

Those who perform such kinds of cyber attacks are generally black hat hackers. Due to poor encryption services, your data can be on the loose.

Big agencies and business houses strictly use anti-viruses. Network eavesdropping is most vulnerable for such big organizations.


Ransomware is one of the most dangerous types of a computer virus. Over the last few years, it has spread like an epidemic. Every now and then, you would be hearing about different new kinds of ransomware.

Rogueware or scareware are other names of ransomware. The hacker who is infecting your computer with ransomware encrypts all your files. As a result, you will be looking at a non-functioning computer. To decrypt the files, the hacker will be asking you for a ransom.

Only after you are paying the ransom, the hacker will decrypt your files. In many scary incidents, even after the ransom payment, the hacker denies decrypting. This type of blackmailing can go on until you decide to abort your system network.

Best computer security in 2018 is exceptional in protecting against such nasty ransomware. A user protecting its computer system with an antivirus saves him/her from the misery of ransomware.


Adware is a software that is responsible for popping of unwanted ads. Sometimes they come in the form of free software downloads on your browser. Make sure you do not click on such unprotected links.

Adware is annoying. More than tracking your browsing actions, they are also capable of gathering personal information. Hackers design adware in a very attractive way.

Computer security systems that provide anti-adware tools are very helpful. They locate the presence of adware and terminate it quickly.


Keylogger is actually keystroke logging. This kind of malware is extremely harmful to online monetary transactions. A keylogger records the number of keys that are stroking on a keyboard.

Obtaining personal data such as debit or credit card details is no big deal. Consider you are online shopping. When you are punching your card details at the payment gateway, a keylogger will record all details.

A user will be having no idea that his/her card details are leaking out. Even finding the presence of keylogger software in your computer is tricky.


Spyware is one of the hardest detecting software. It stalks your browsing habits, surfing history, and personal information. Transferring these data to the third party hackers is what happens due to spyware.

Spyware remains stacked in bundles of download. They are not easily traceable or prevented. While browsing it is natural to mistakenly click such spam websites.

Due to its hidden feature, spyware is unable to locate without an antivirus. With the use of a good antivirus, not only you can terminate spyware. Also, prevent it from infecting in the future.

Apart from using an antivirus, you also have to set your browser’s privacy levels high.


Phishing is the illegal procedure of extracting your personal information from fake e-mails. Hackers target in getting personal information such as debit or credit card numbers, pin, CVV numbers.

Fake e-mails sent to you or links that direct you to other websites are all forms of phishing. The message sent appears to be legitimate. However, they are not in reality. They rather disguise to be genuine.

The e-mails will make polite requests or attract for a bonus gift to gain information. Once you leak out the information, you are a favorable host to such hackers. This can also result in identity theft.

Recognizing a phishing mail is not that tough. Always keep in mind that neither your bank nor any other agency has the right to know such information. Most importantly, the medium of email or website is never safe for inputting personal information.

The presence of an antivirus in the computer will make sure you never fall into such traps. Good anti-viruses will automatically block such phishing emails.


A rootkit is a type of malicious software that accesses or controls a computer without detection. The designing is so unique that user detection is almost impossible. Executing files, accessing or stealing data, altering software are all actions of a rootkit.

To detect and prevent a rootkit from the computer is tough but not impossible. Apart from an effective antivirus scan, there are also other actions performed.

Latest developments in computer security in 2018

While paying your hard-earned money for buying best computer security in 2018, it is natural to ask for extra. Performing to be the top-rated software for detecting and terminating viruses, it has to offer more.

Technological advancement has reached its pinnacle of success. Security software is developing and modifying to be the best in the market. In a mission to give customers an advanced cyber threat protection, software is getting better.

Several additional features of best computer security are simply a bonus. So next time when you pay for computer security software, you will get much more. Browse through the following popular developments made in computer security.

Virtualization-established Software

Virtualization is amongst the new and unique feature of computer security. Its advanced software and hardware mechanism creates a hyper-restricted identity. This further is extremely beneficial in storing, transferring securing personal data.

Virtualization is very tough to be hacked. The secure environment does not allow modifications of the operating system. The stealing or misusing of data is practically less or absent.

Virtualization-based chips and hardware extensions, including CPU virtualization extensions, are generally used.


Stealing or misusing data is the worst implication of cyber attack. Doing without a computer or internet browsing is not possible. Hence, finding an effective solution has resulted in brilliant modifications of computer securities.

While inputting debit or credit card details online, the secure encryption of data takes place. This disables the hacker or scammer to get access to your card details. The curse of online theft can be also minimized with this.

Enterprise Data Protection

What if someone intentionally leaks or damages important data? Imagine the amount of loss and despair. This especially applies to big businesses and agencies. Corporate files are most vulnerable to the risks of leaking out.

Enterprise Data Protection is in consideration to be the ultimate feature of best computer security. Its unique content protection system makes sure that any third party will not tamper the data.

It is finest at identifying, separating and protecting corporate data. The unique design also approves the basic corporate rights. So even if the device on which the data has been stored is lost. There is nothing to worry!

Password Re-Modified

Passwords are like the security guards of your computer system. Due to hacking, passwords get stolen or tampered. Therefore, numerical or alphabet passwords are not at all secure these days.

Keeping this in mind, best computer security has been modifying password systems. Biometric authentication is becoming the most trusted security system worldwide. Facial, iris, and fingerprints have replaced old-school password setting systems.

Biometric forms of passwords are very tough to be hacked online. Even the most professional hacker will face difficulty in duplicating or stealing these passwords. This has also led to getting rid of age-old customs of password settings.

Safe Booting Feature

Vulnerable operating systems are hotspots for hackers to inject viruses. Low-grade malware or rootkits are always targeting for poor performing BIOS. Best computer security in 2018 enables the feature of safe and secure booting.

It ensures the proper working of less advanced operating systems and its hardware is not affected. If a hacker tries to invade your system, you will be getting an immediate warning. Un-authorized accessing is not possible.

Every time the security software is unable to identify you, it will not let you access. If any kind of tampering is identified the anti-malware feature will be enabled automatically.

This serves to be an exceptional feature altogether.

Best computer security: Device Protection

Device protection or guard is very necessary for every gadget user. The main source of virus intrusion happens through unprotected websites and links. It also takes place through anonymous downloads.

Therefore, blocking such websites and downloading links is the first step towards antivirus protection. Device protection enables an admin lock, which restricts virus-infected links or downloads to take place.

Such innovative and creative features of best computer security in 2018 make it so easy to combat viruses. Gone are the days when an infected computer system was nothing more than a junk.

Feel blissful to lay hands on the Best computer security in 2018 and continue browsing, gaming, and downloading carefree!

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