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Importance of anti-malware for saving PC from hacking


In this modern and advanced world, none can imagine its life without a computer. Hence, the computer is now the integral part of our personal as well as professional life. It is also an innovative and unique gift of science. Use of computers for professional life is truly a blessing. No doubt, without the computer no work will is complete in the workplace. Hence, an anti-malware feature is also indispensable of today’s life.

The computer has made the official workflow smooth and quicker. Files and data are shared with the other organization very swiftly, thus the computer networking system has developed and grown efficiently in recent times. Confidential and sensitive data and files are stored in the computer too. It is crucial to keep your PC safe and secure from the attacks of malware and cybercriminals.

Big or small organizations spend millions of money just to safeguard and secure the Pc. Loss of confidential data or information will not only hamper the workflow but also affects you financially. Virus, worms, and malware disturb the smooth function of your Pc and provide opportunities for the hackers. Cybercriminals hack your PC through various types of malware and virus.

What is anti-malware?

A malware is usually term as malicious software. Malware comprises a wide range of intrusive and harmful software. Mobile phones, laptops, and Pc are easily prone to the attacks of malware. Malware interferes with the function of the computer without the knowledge of the users. A user most of the time is unfamiliar that they have become a victim of malware virus or the hackers.

Attacks of malware on your computer can easily delete or leak your sensitive data and information’s about your organization. Attacks of malware are so dangerous that it can destroy your career or make you bankrupt. Even a reputed bank or simply a bank account can be hacked by malware. The victims of malware are rising day by day. Thus, every organization from bank to education sectors is taking vital steps to restrict their system from hacking.

Various types of malware

No doubt, malware is malicious and intrusive software. It attacks computer or laptops without the user’s concern. Some of the malware are ransomware, Trojan horse, spyware, scareware, worms, adware and many more. Malware can download in your system directly or indirectly through an email link, email attachment or from the web. Various types of malware have different function and criterion. Some malware slows down your computer system and some demands money.


Ransomware is quite common in the computer, cell phone, and laptops too. It is malicious software. This virus restricts the user to use its computer partially or fully. It displays a notification on the computer screen and demands cryptocurrency as a ransom from the victim. Computer hacker often plays this trick to demand bitcoins from the user. Hackers or cybercriminals demand virtual currency like bitcoins only to hide its identity.

As your system downloads, a ransomware in it, all vital files and data are locked and you will be unable to access your system. In recent time cybercrime related to malicious software, ransomware is increasing each day.


Spyware is one of the dangerous and malicious software; this software gathers information about any organization or person. When the computer hacker installs the spyware software on your system, it will transfer all your files and data into hackers system without your knowledge or consent. This software is very difficult to detect by the users. The computer hacker can easily monitor and access your system; spyware collects your personal as well as professional information too. Like information related to user login, credit or bank account details or internet surfing habits.

Spyware software also has the capability to alter your PC setting those results in unauthorized changes in a browser setting, slow internet connection speed or changes in a software setting. The hackers can also access your Facebook account by using this malicious software.

Trojan horse

Trojan horse or Trojan is also a type of malicious software, although it is less harmful. The sudden change of computer settings or unusual activities occurring in the computer system is the perfect sign of the Trojan virus. This type of virus does not have the capability to replicate itself, thus the computer hacker uses social engineering tricks to access victim system.

The user system downloads Trojan programming without its consent. The Trojan virus hides in the name of free downloads or email attachment. Once the victim clicks on the free download or the email attachment, the program transfers hidden malicious software to the computer of the victim.

The term Trojan horse comes from the Greek mythology and this term first named in 1947, by US Air Force report.  However, it was Ken Thompson made the term Trojan horse popular after receiving Turning award in 1983.


Scareware is one of the types of malicious software. The computer hacker uses this type of malware to trap or trick the victims into downloading and purchasing the useless and potentially harmful software. After interfering with this malware, you will notice sudden pop-up or change in your computer system. A message will display on your computer and will say various problems in your system such as an infected file, need to purchase software to fix the issues and others.

But in reality, they are no problem detected in your PC and the software which is actually asking the user to install it is actually malicious scareware software. The computer hacker often scams the user and made them pay for the useless software which is irrelevant for its PC.

The recent case of scareware was noticed in 2008 when Washington attorney general and Microsoft sued two companies namely Alpha Red and Branch Software. These two Texas-based organizations were responsible for Registry cleaner XP, a very common Scareware program.

If the user sees a sudden pop-up in your Pc, the user should right click on the item in the taskbar and select the close button. Alternatively, simply exit by clicking on ctrl-alt-delete. This process will protect you from falling into the trap of scareware.


Advertising-supported software or adware is a type of malicious software that creates revenue for its developer. This kind of virus attacks your system in form of online advertisement. The program plays advertisements your computer screen during the installation process in the computer system. These types of malicious software generate revenue in two forms. When the user clicks the advertisement in its computer screen and secondly clicks the button of pay-per-click.

This malware disguises themselves in the name of advertisements and causes financial loss too. These types of malware not only cause you financial loss but interfere with the basic function of the computer.

The computer worm has the ability to replicate and spread into the computer system. Robert Tappan Morris first used the term worm in 1988 and latterly popularly known as Morris worm. As compare to a virus, worms are less harmful to the computers. Due to excessive use of a computer, networking worms spread through the infected storage media, as for example, USB drives and floppy diskettes. A computer worm is either a worm hybrid or virus.

Different types of worms

Email worms

A worm spreads by sending or creating an outbound message to all the address in the victim’s user list. A worm generally spreads without the interaction of the users. An email worm usually spreads as a malicious executable file attached to what appears to be a simple email message. These email worms usually spread through the social engineering methods and prompt the user to open the email link.

Ethical worms

An ethical worm is another type of malicious software and has the ability to replicate itself. Ethical worms replicate and transfer to the various system through the internet. Ethical worms mainly fix the security vulnerabilities or to provide assistance in security patches. Several organizations use ethical worm software in order to boost up their internet speed and to cover security loopholes in the computer.

This technique is used to safeguard the security system of the computer and protect it from the attacks of malware and computer hackers. Thus, one can easily say ethical worm is the smartest tool to protect the security system from the attacks of cyber criminals.

Internet worm

An internet worm multiplies itself and spreads in the system of the computer through the internet. An internet worm includes two types of virus, which include program or virus. Like the virus Trojan, these internet worms spread in the system without the knowledge of the users. The most dangerous aspect of these internet worms that they are extremely harmful.

In the initial stage, these dangerous internet worms scan the folder, hard drives and the local networks. After its scanning process is complete, it inserts them into the program.

In 2011 it is clearly seen that internet worms have successfully exploited the vulnerabilities of window OS to infect the system directly from the internet. Therefore, the most powerful internet worm is known as the Code Red worms, which scanned the internet and attack the computers of the Window IIS web server.

Does Antivirus have an anti-malware feature?

An Anti-malware is a feature of Antivirus software which is a computer software and used for removal, detecting and preventing the computer from the attack of malware and computer hackers.  This antivirus software is popularly known as the purification of harmful viruses and worms. Antivirus protects your computer, laptops and cell phones from the threat of cybercriminal attacks.

The threat of cybercriminals and hackers are increasing drastically, since 1990 to 2000, the emergency use of antivirus software in Pc was at the peak.

Benefits of installation of anti-malware

The benefits of using antivirus on the PC or laptops are in abundance. Some of them are as follows-

  • After installing antivirus software with an anti-malware feature on your Pc, it will save you from the financial loss and loss of personal and professional information. All your vital and sensitive data and the file will be safe and secure.
  • an anti-malware feature protects the Pc from the attacks of harmful and dangerous virus like Trojan horse, ransomware, spyware, adware and many others.
  • an anti-malware feature provides security from the cyber threat criminals and hackers.
  • Whether you are using the computer for the personal or professional use, one should install antivirus software for the smooth maintenance of the workflow.
  • An antivirus with an anti-malware feature restores your personal data in computer and strictly prohibits its leakage or transformation into another device.
  • The antivirus with an anti-malware feature detects the virus at an initial stage and informs you before any mishap occurs.
  • All kinds of companies from banking to pharmaceutical industries, big or small they need the guidance and support of the antivirus software in their device. Thereafter, without any doubt, no company can run efficiently or achieve its goals without the installation of antivirus.

Functions of antivirus software

This antivirus with an anti-malware feature either installed or downloaded in the device to provide full full-proof security and safety from the attacks of malware antivirus and hackers. It also protects the device from the insignificant interference of virus, worms, and malware. Hence, the internet worm or dangerous virus without your concern won’t infect your file or data.

The antivirus software with an anti-malware feature will notify or alert you when an intruder invades your device because safety is important to you. Therefore, one of the most important benefits of installing the antivirus on your device is keeping that harmful virus-like ransomware away. So that they won’t be able to charge bitcoins from you. Thus, you will be absolutely safe and secure from these kinds of hackers.

Antivirus companies are now earning millions by making and selling antivirus software to the big companies like Google, IBM Cisco, and others.


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