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What is a Computer Virus?

computer virus

What is the full form of Virus?

The full form of Virus is Vital Information Resources Under Seize. Creeper created by BobThomas is the first computer virus spread in 1971.

By whom and when the first computer virus was created?

The two Pakistani brother’s Amjad Farooq Alvi and Basit Farooq Alvi created the first computer virus in Pakistan,1986. The sole motive of these two brothers is to prohibit their customers from making illegal software copies.

What is a computer virus?

A computer virus can easily damage the smooth function of your computer.  A computer virus is a malicious software which has the capability of deleting files, creating files, and consuming the memory of your computer.

Some computer virus also comes with an email attachment. Once you open the infected email, the virus transfers to your system.

Different types of computer virus

Computer virus disables the work of the PC and disturbs your workflow.  The scope of hacking increase and the speed of the system goes down when a virus attacks your system. Name of the different types of computer virus are as follow below-

  • Direct action virus

This virus does not delete your files but makes these inaccessible to the users.  This virus is less harmful than the other virus. It does not hide in the computer memory, or it replicates.

  • Boot sector virus

It is the most dangerous viruses on the computer. They are available in the email attachment and USB drives. This virus is not easily removed and requires a full system formatting.

  • Resident virus

This virus is a malicious software which is difficult to detect. The symptoms related to this virus grows slowly and steadily. The removal of this virus is tricky for the computer.

  • Polymorphic virus

An anti-virus finds it difficult to detect this virus. It almost takes a month to recognize its symptoms.

  • Overwrite virus

It is the most irritating virus for the users. This virus deletes the content of the file, which it infects. Only deleting infected file will remove the virus from the system.

Will a virus damage my computer physically?

No, a computer virus is not capable of damaging the system hardware. A virus is a malicious software in the computer system. A virus can corrupt your computer data or slowdowns the system; however, it never damages the hardware parts like video card, sound card, printers and others.

How can I protect my computer against the virus?

It is crucial to protect your PC from the attack of dangerous virus, malware, and hackers. The steps involved in keeping your device safe and secure are as follows-

  • Installing or downloading the latest and updated antivirus software on your system.
  • Always avoid sharing your computer password to anyone.
  • Use a complex password and change it frequently.
  • Checking the security settings of the browser is vital.
  • Install a firewall on the device.
  • Always use updated antivirus software.
  • Avoid clicking on unknown email links.

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